“It’s All About The Vibration”

Vibrational Adornment stems from our founder's evolving consciousness of Adornment as a Energy Healing Modality. Dami Paternoster is both an Intuitive Practitioner & Spiritual Guide as well as a Veteran Digital Designer. Dami has spent many years working with plants and gemstone therapies, energy work & in addition many years as a Professional Digital Artist & Designer for Film, TV, & Effects work. Through the journey of deep self healing & understanding of energetic vibrations, Vibrational Adornment was formed. We give thanks for all the teachers who have contributed to the awakening of this vision.

We believe adornment is Sacred. Thinking about the vibration of your garments and how they make you feel is real. The very essence of vibration of all things and how those vibrations can offer healing or balance energies based on design, color, texture & energy of an item is our intention with all the items we create. Having a love for fashion, an understanding of design and a desire to contribute to enhancing the world energetically, is the driving forces employed at Vibrational Adornment®. We aspire to bring the wearer joy.

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(On the Left) Dandelion Tote - Taraxacum officianale - "Be Here Now"

Dynamic print repeats are created by referencing their metaphysical and medicinal qualities that help bring into balance energies of mindfulness, and empowerment. In order to realize this concept, Vibrational Adornment® draws from a visual library that includes print repeats of plants, animals, gemstones, deities, archetypes, energetics of place & time as well as spirit guides. These images are designed during a ceremonial process in co-creation with channeled guides to support the intention & the offering of energetic healing. The end product a visual and vibrational garment that can be worn to bolster a wearer’s energetic needs or an item to uplift your everyday environment for interiors as well as up-cycled items with our fabrics in our renewal line. We strive to not only use eco conscious methods & are learning more everyday about how to contribute to better methods to support the earth & be innovate with technology as a design element. We hope you find vibrational balance and harmony with what we create. Welcome to the world of Vibrational Adornment®, We appreciate your interest.

Kindly and with Love,

Damiana Paternoster
Vibrational Adornment®