Herbal Tote Bags

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These Herbal tote bags are made of a soft cotton and are easy to carry and put inside your purse for spontaneous storage options. Carry the energy of the variety of these Medicinal plant helpers...
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These Herbal tote bags are made of a soft cotton and are easy to carry and put inside your purse for spontaneous storage options. Carry the energy of the variety of these Medicinal plant helpers with you. They will soon become a favorite. Wash in cold water with phosphate free soap and gentle dry.

1. Sweet Pea – Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea is one of the first plants to bloom in the spring time and continues to bloom through the summer. It is uplifting to see the beautiful colors of pink and purple on the side of the road all summer long. It’s energetic medicine helps to assist a person who doesn’t feel completely connected in community on the earth to feel their gifts and to share them socially so as to help them to integrate collectively.  Sweat Pea allows for restful sleep with the energetic peacefulness of aligning with ones place in society.

2. Devils Club – Opolopanax horridum

Devil’s Club is the most powerful plant I have met in this region. Powerful in regard to how loud and clear it can speak to us. It is a powerful spiritual protector and it’s ability to protect carries throughout all it’s forms of medicine. It was considered good luck because it would protect you from evil spirits and assist you in doing Shamanic work. The Native people in this region used it for many physical medicines for things such as blood sugar balancing, rheumatism and arthritis. Spiritually it was used for purification of the house and stands of Devil’s club were often planted as a physical protective border around a home place. 

3. Nettles Urtica dioica

Nettles is an ancient plant and has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. It has been used locally by the indigenous tribes to make cordage into fishing nets. It is full of minerals and for the reason is helpful for many things where the body is lacking. It is especially helpful with plant allergies.

In Costa Rica a tea of nettles is drunk to  assist you in getting into a authentic state to work effectively with a Shaman. Nettles is a protector and an enricher full of vibrancy.

4. Elderberry – Sambuccus racemosa

We are fortunate here in the pacific northwest to be able to grow red, blue and black elderberry. Elderberry is a great immune booster and then assists in many physical ailments. It is one of my favorite things to make in the fall for my kids to ward off colds and beginning of the year germs. It is an inviter of ghosts and spirits as well as a deterrent. In medieval times, people believed that if you walked under the Elder branch you would be able to see the Fairy king and Queen. It was used in Panama at to help cure a flu epidemic years ago.

5. Dandelion – Taraxacum officionalis

Dandelion is a liver tonic. It is one of my favorite plants. It amazes me how it opens it’s bright yellow sunny flower and then closes up again and opens it’s magical seeds pod which has the ability to release and let each seed fly off into the air on a whimsical journey. The seeds, flowers and leaves are all edible and dandelion salad is one of my favorite dishes and ways to enjoy the medicine of this sweet and dependable plant ally.

6. Usnea - Usnea longissima

Usnea is a gram positive antibiotic. It grows abundantly in the Pacific northwest. It is always a comfort to see it in the forest as it is such a helpful medicine. It is a big source of food for the antlered creatures. The energetics of this plant come to us in a way where health is circulating through our entire system. Though it has no circulatory system of it’s own, it sure it helpful in getting ours back into aligned health.